You Want a Soulmate.

I have been on a journey of soul exploration for a little while now.  I have grown tremendously and it has forced me to notice my soul connections.  By soul connection, I mean the soul mates or twin flame’s. First let’s look at the soulmate dynamic.  Soulmates are partners from past lives that we have known and now know in our current life. You can have many different soulmates in one lifetime.  They are put here in this life to help us grow more and more. They will push your buttons and bring about your flaws so that you can begin to fix them.  They can even force childhood issues to also heal those. The soulmate connection can be deep and intense. And that goes on both ends of the spectrum. It can be great while things are going good.  But when things go bad they can get ugly.

The twin flame connection is kind of like the soulmate connection.  It is the other half of your soul from a past life. What happened was, in the past life a soul had grown and expanded so much that it literally was torn in half.  The two pieces of the soul are now independent and roaming around on earth and when you meet each other it will feel like sparks. It will feel deep and like you have known them before.  You may have feelings of deja vu, like you have done this before with them. They will feel like home to you. They are your mirror half. But things here will be so intense that it can cause a lot of problems for you both.  Usually twin flames cannot be together upon meeting because they are in positions that will not allow it. SUch as marriage, long distance, or even just a tumultuous connection. This deep, profound connection usually also causes a runner-chaser dynamic.  There will be different times in your lives that one will chase the other, and vise versa. It is because the connection is so strong, it repels you two. If you can imagine two magnets trying to merge, this is the perfect idea of the connection you have. A strong connection but one that is difficult and at the same time scary.  The twin flame union is meant to help you grow as well and teach you life lessons that need to be completed in this life. This just adds to the possibility of the union never being completed as planned.

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Most people want a soulmate to spend their lives with.  We long for that deep, profound love that is pure bliss and ecstasy.  It ends with you two riding off into the sunset happily adorned together.  But this is not a soulmate connection in reality. A soulmate connection is always deep but temporary.  It is never meant to last forever, because you two are only connected to help each other grown and learn in some way.  Once that is done, it usually ends and you will move on to another soul mate. But because it’s purpose is to help you grow, it can be difficult to withstand and endure.  You two could very possibly bring out the absolute worst in each other just to bring about that growth and change.

The twin flame connection is the same way, done for growth.  But in this connection you two will probably spend the majority of your lives chasing and running back after each other.  If you love crazy, then these connections are all for you. Hey it isn’t forever right? So when you ask universe for a soulmate, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.  Work on your patience my friends.


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