Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

A spiritual awakening is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  It means you will spiritually ascend to a level you never thought possible.  You have been chosen to be a lightworker in this world.  Your exact job in your lifetime is yours to figure out.  But you must first awaken and start the process of your soul awakening.  Awakening comes with a lot of cool, yet uncomfortable symptoms.  And the initial, most uncomfortable spiritual awakening symptoms can take anywhere from months to years to be completed.  But the whole awakening process never ends, it will be a lifelong journey of transformation. These are symptoms I experienced and they may or may not happen to you.  Everyone’s experience will be different, but I will share what I experienced and friends of mine also experienced.  My journey was lonely, scary, and exhilarating all at the same time.  Here are thirteen symptoms you may experience during your spiritual awakening.

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  1. You Question and reassess everything.  You wake up and suddenly are questioning everything.  You take off the blindfolds that you have had on your whole life.  And you see that there is more going on than meets the eye.  You question the schooling system and the history that was taught, you question the laws and Government, and the socioeconomic system.  And you want answers to all your questions, so you search to find answers.  You now thirst for knowledge because you want the truth of it all.  And the knowledge you gain forces you to reassess everything.
  2. No more fear.  You realize everything in your current life is all fear based.  The Government, your spouse, and your religion.  You see things differently and it makes you fearless. All the rules of society are an illusion and you see right through it.  You are no longer blinded by the falseness of society.  You feel empowered by your new perspectives and loss of fear.
  3. A Need for freedom.  You suddenly want out of your marriage, or you want to change jobs, or even move far away.  You feel an urge to break free from everything you thought was true and follow your heart.  You want to gain and keep your freedom at any cost because you’re soul is starting to remember who and what it is.  It is a soul living in a human body, living on earth.  You want to be free, no longer bound to the 3 dimensional earth.
  4. Bipolar emotions.  You have extreme highs and lows in  a matter of minutes.  One minute you are sad, the next so happy.  This can be uncomfortable and one sure way to make you feel like you are losing your mind.  But stay grounded, take a walk in nature or talk to someone who understands you.  Get out your thoughts and express your emotions.  Right now is the perfect time to purge and express yourself.

  1. Extreme anger.  It feels like everyone annoys you and makes you mad. People are stupid to you and you can’t fathom spending one more minute more than you have to with anyone.   The anger is your soul wanting to purge. This means your soul wants you to fix all the past issues you have that have made you angry.  It is time to acknowledge all your past hurts and heal them so that you can move forward with a lighter spirit.  Face your traumas and release them.
  2. A Need for quiet.  As an introvert you probably already liked your quiet time. But now that you are awakening you need quiet to think.  In the past you welcomed background noise to drown out thoughts about yourself or the bad things in your life.  The noise was something to keep you distracted from having to face yourself.  But now that you are awakening, the quiet helps you figure things out within yourself and gives you time to analyze what is going on around you. So background noise is not wanted in your daily life and you seek out quiet time.
  3. Depression.  Which can last a few minutes or weeks.  So many things about you are changing fast, it is like you are shedding the old you.  You are changing and you can feel it but you can’t make sense of it all. Yet you are alone in it because no one understands what you are going thru.  You are probably also losing friends because of this transformation happening within you. Your friends may not be sure of what exactly is changing but they sense it.   Rest assured that whoever is supposed to be in your life, will be there.  During this awakening the universe may shed some people but it is for the betterment of you.  This depression isn’t one that lasts months so if it is, you should get it checked by a Physician.
  4. Experiencing Synchronicities.  Lots of coincidences are happening daily to you.  It could be seeing numbers everywhere, and the same ones consistently. (11:11, 2:22, 12:34 etc.) You see these numbers, well it means that your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you and guide you.  When you begin seeing these numbers it is because it has become your time to awaken and receive gifts from your angels and spirit guides.  Aside from seeing numbers, you could also have synchronicities with people.  You think of someone and then you see them somewhere.  Or the person contacts you out of nowhere. This means you are in tune with the universe and it helps you see that everyone is connected.
  5. Honest to a fault.  You now need to speak your truth no matter what.  You are tired of lying and being fake.  You need to walk in your truth because lies don’t sit well with who you are and what you now stand for.  So now, you say exactly what’s on your mind and you become who you truly are, even if other people don’t like it.
  6. Meditation. You may become interested in spirituality.  And you want to meditate.  Meditation will help your body along this awakening and ascension process.  So if you want to meditate now for the first time in your life, you are probably awakening.
  7. Headaches. Please make sure you don’t have a sugar or blood pressure problem.  But if you are otherwise healthy and never get headaches, then this could be another awakening symptom.  If you are awakening, you are now receiving daily downloads of information energetically into your body system.  Your whole body is upgrading, your body is changing its chemical and DNA structure.  So you may get headaches because the crown chakra is where it all happens. And if your crown chakra magnetic field is low or weak, it will not be strong enough to handle all the activity going thru it now.  You may even have some blocks in your chakra that need to be healed.  So you will get headaches. But take some tylenol if needed, stay hydrated, and get some rest.
  8. Food and drink sensitivity. Sugar may really bog you down now.  You may become allergic to some foods suddenly.  But the most important sign that you are awakening is your intolerance of alcohol.  The feeling of being drunk is not fun anymore.  And the hangovers make you feel more depressed than before.  You can’t tolerate the effects of alcohol like you used to.  So you completely give up drinking for good, you know this is what your body and soul need to do so there is no struggle to quit.
  9. You know deep down inside that you are changing and your whole life is changing.  Maybe you only have one awakening symptom right now, but you also just know something big and lasting is happening in your life.  Your intuition is telling you so, and you should believe it.  Breathe, meditate, and get outside in nature.  This time in your life is so profound and beautiful, you are on a magic ride.  Absorb each moment, each symptom, reach out to like minded people to talk things over.  Just know that you are on the right track, you are where you are supposed to be, and Universe has your back.


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