Signs you’re made to be a writer

So many people want to write for a living.  I mean, it allows you to create, be your own boss, and manage your own schedule.  Being the boss and schedule manager allows you to work from home in your pajamas! Who wouldn’t want to write?  Since I am a self-proclaimed writer, I know what it takes to be one and I also know how to tell if you are really supposed to be one.  This is just for fun so if these don’t resonate with you, I say try it for yourself. Write, and see how it goes. You never know till you try. So here are some signs you are meant to be a writer.

  1. You love the English language.  Ok, maybe love is too strong. But either way, you can’t stand when people don’t use the language they were taught in school.  I mean, we all know it so why don’t people just use it? People who over use slang terminology or street words just irritate you.  You wonder if they went to school because they don’t use English as their full time language. While all your friends are saying “my boo” and “that’s sick”, you would choose to say “my girlfriend” and “that is so spectacular!”.  You understand that these phrases are just used for fun but you still would rather use the correct, english, dictionary terms.
  2. You can’t stand punctuation errors.  Along with learning how to spell and use the English language, you also learned how to use punctuation while you write.  So it really annoys you when people don’t use it while texting or emailing. Punctuation does so much more for you than other people realise.  It allows you to know when a sentence begins and ends. It allows you to decipher the exact tone because of the commas or exclamation points. You enjoy using it and wish other people did as well.  You might even question someone’s intelligence level if they don’t use correct punctuation. People might get upset at how much you correct their spelling or punctuation usage. But you don’t care because you know how you like to do things, especially when it comes to writing.
  3. You daydream a lot.  People everywhere get lost in their thoughts.  It is pretty common, but you find yourself in your own thoughts way more often.  You have to force yourself out of your mind with mindfulness to get things done. You realize that your mind is your world.  You can get as crazy or as calm as you want in your own mind. And you have so much fun in your head, far from the real world.  This makes you a good writer, because you daydream, you have a lot of ideas and inspiration for your writing.  The ideas never end and can only get more weird and creative.  So keep on daydreaming, let the creative juices flow!
  4. Writing soothes your soul and enriches your life.  Maybe when you were younger you enjoyed keeping a journal.  Or maybe you took creative writing for fun. You have always enjoyed writing, because it does something to your soul and your life as a whole.  You feel complete when you are done writing and it acts as an outlet for you and all your thoughts. Deep down, if you never get paid to write, you would still write for yourself or for others.  That is how much you enjoy writing.
  5. You enjoy reading.  Writer’s don’t just write, they read too.  Reading takes you to other places in your imagination and it teaches you new things too.  You have always enjoyed a good book. And reading is fun for you, but it also gives you inspiration for your own writing. If you like reading, writing might be your gift.
  6. People confirm writing to you.  Maybe it was a school teacher or a friend, but people have told you that you are a good writer.  Or maybe they suggested to you that you should be a writer. That was confirmation to you that you should go in the writer direction for your career.  Listen to people when they say things like this to you, they may be onto something. If you have any or a few of these signs, then give writing consideration.  I don’t think anyone is ready for professional writing just because they had these signs. You need to try and work at your art. Your writing might suck at first, like everyone’s.  But keep doing it, practicing and you will be as good as Stephen King.


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Do you have other signs that people may be a writer?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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