Signs you are an Empath

Everyone feels energy around them. Some cannot make sense of what it is that they’re feeling and thus ignore it. Some however, feel the energy around them times ten. Not only that, but they know things that others do not.
I am talking about the Empathic people. Empaths are very intuitive and sensitive. They can pick up the emotions and moods of other people around them without even speaking to them. They feel everything more deeply. Meaning that they feel things before they can even make sense of it all. They get emotional at the actions of someone before they realise what exactly bothered them about it. This can often confuse them because they can’t make sense of all their feelings.

Being empathic can be a blessing and a burden. Because they feel everything, they also absorb everything. They can easily pick up and reflect what someone else is feeling. This makes things confusing for them, because it can be difficult to differentiate what emotions are theirs and what belongs to other people. It is very important for the empath to meditate and get to know themselves better. With time, they will be able to seperate themselves from others. If you are reading this, you are probably empathic, and so be easy on yourself if there are times when you get nothing done or can’t figure out your next move in life. People who are sensitive to the universe and energy have a gift that others do not. Embrace your gift, hone your gift, and love your gift. Meditate daily, and stay grounded by taking a walk in nature. Here are signs you are empathic.

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  • You sense the moods of other people.
  • You reflect other people’s emotions
  • You don’t like certain places because of the way they make you feel
  • You were a sensitive child, crying often
  • People tease you because of your sensitivity.
  • You have always felt different, like you don’t fit in.
  • You have days where you feel depressed.
  • You feel fatigued often and for no reason.
  • You have vivid, lucid dreams and always have.
  • You get premonitions about things before they happen.
  • You have synchronicities daily.
  • You have water signs in your birth chart somewhere.
  • You have always been kind and loving to others.
  • You put your needs behind others all the time.
  • You need quiet time to recharge.
  • You prefer to be alone.
  • You don’t like large or loud crowds.
  • You only have a few real friends.
  • People always seem to forget about you.
  • You hate meaningless conversations.
  • You have always been a spiritual person.
  • You have always been interested in the metaphysical or supernatural.
  • You feel other’s pain, physically and spiritually.
  • You hate watching negative or gory things.
  • Negativity really bogs you down physically and spiritually.
  • You carry a lot of guilt with you.
  • You can sometimes stay stuck in your own head about things.
  • You overthink everything.
  • You want to be social, but only for a little while.

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  • Ivan Yurtz

    Many of those symptoms anyone can relate to, but a select few do not. It would seem you may have the affliction of overactive empathy, because all your t’s and lowwercase j’s are dotted nicely. I have witnessed an overflow of unknown ridule upon unsuspecting others far enough for reasons not worth mentioning. But I will say laughter is good medicine for honest people, sadly worse for evil ones. I trust someone with creative writing skills and kept composure such as yourself, would understand this with true compassion. For anyone who found a way out of an incurable mental trauma successfully without useless pills and pep talks, or suicide, not be tarred and feathered, but commended for something Ph.D’s handed awards dont condone. Just my two cents. I enjoyed reading your article, thank you for saying a word for ones who suffer inside. 👌

    • M.S.Rideau

      Ivan, yes overactive empathy is a thing I struggled with. I hope others will come to understand why it is that they suffer in these ways as well. Then they can hopefully begin to work on strengthening themselves against these things. Thank you for your comment and read.

  • Rajeev

    Nice Article and thoughts but the questions is , did you really experienced the empath in life with others to understand them? or these are only words here without truth ?

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