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Moon Sensitive

Every month the moon goes through changes in phases. Such as waxing, waning, full moon and new moon.  Each of these phases brings new energy to the earth and human beings. The energy can be felt by all living things on earth through the vibrations it emits.  And these vibrations alter both our moods and behavior. Everyone feels the changes somewhat, but some people get a more profound experience. This is because they are moon sensitive.  Moon sensitivity means you are intuitive and sensitive, and the moon brings out these characteristics even more than normal. This will influence you more so than others.

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Moon sensitivity affects many people, specifically if they are a water zodiac sign, or have a lot of water in their birth chart.  The water element will bring about people who are very intuitive and sensitive to other people and their environment. They can pick up the emotions and moods of other people around them without even speaking about it.  Like water, which absorbs and reacts to vibrations around it, so do the people who have the water element in them. If you do not have any water in your chart, you may still be moon sensitive. This doesn’t exclude you, you may just have a natural gift of sensitivity.

You are moon sensitive if you have always been sensitive to everything.  Such as foods, mean people, or a hostile environment. As a child you may remember crying a lot, for little things. But as a sensitive child it probably felt like your soul was literally crushed because of what triggered this. And sometimes now or in your past you have had experiences where people teased you because of your sensitivity.  Maybe you cried too much, or reacted too emotionally than they would have. And this made you feel embarrassed by your sensitivity and uniqueness. You also probably have always had erratic emotional moods. One day you felt absolutely fine and the next you were just depressed, or really happy for no reason. Maybe you didn’t even understand what was going on within you and your moods, but you just felt it.  

Being moon sensitive can make you look and even feel crazy.  Because you feel first, ask questions later. Meaning that as a child and now as an adult, you feel things before you can even make sense of it all.  You get emotional at the actions of someone but you can’t even pinpoint what it is about it, that bothered you. Now that I understand myself and my moon sensitivity I know what is going on when I get mad or sad.  But in the past I had many arguments with my husband and family members where they would ask “why are you mad/sad?” and I could not figure it out, I just reacted to my emotions. I would answer “I don’t know!” through my crying and sobbing face.  My emotions change quite fast and i just have to stop and take a deep breath to figure it all out.

Another sure sign you are moon sensitive is that you get body aches and pains for no reason.  Because you are so sensitive, your body is an outlet for the vibrations of the energy surrounding you and coming from the moon and planetary changes.  Feeling these vibrations can really drain you physically. You may get headaches, or body aches. Start to pay attention to the moon changes throughout the month and you will probably find that your aches and pains coincide with the moon changing.

You will probably experience fatigue as well, in which your body feels so tired for no reason.  This is just another side effect of feeling the vibrations so deeply within your body. Again, look up the moon changes and the fatigue will probably be during the moon changes.

Another sign you are moon sensitive is your plans and goals change from month to month.  This is because every new moon or full moon is set in a different sign, bringing different energy for us to experience.  And the energy will make you think and react differently. And this will influence your goals and future plans. So be easy on yourself if there are times when you get nothing done or can’t figure out your next move in life.  People who are sensitive to the universe and energy have a gift that others do not. Embrace your gift, hone your gift, and love your gift. Take care of yourself when you are feeling the moon effects on your body. Meditate daily if possible, and stay grounded by taking a walk in nature.

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