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Meditation for Manifestation

Meditation has so many benefits, such as stress relief and relaxation.  It can lower blood pressure and encourage better eating habits. People don’t know this, but it can help you manifest as well.  You can manifest more money, a happier marriage, a dream career and the list goes on.

Every living thing on earth is energy.  Everything emits it’s own vibrational frequency.  The energy human beings emit is supposed to look like this. It should flow smoothly, in one direction altogether.

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But instead, most of our vibrations are irregular, unaligned, and ridgety.  Our vibrations are out of sort because our minds are not in a good state. If you are a negative person, always expecting the worst, this causes your brain to release stress chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol.  So everytime you are thinking of negative things, your body is in a stressed state. This causes our vibrations to be distorted and your physical health to decline.

If you are happy, and thinking of positive things, then your body is not stressed.  It is happy, your brain releases dopamine and serotonin. And your body is physically healthy.

The Universe wants to help us live our best life, but it can help us only when our energy is in alignment with it’s own.  We have to be in a relaxed, healthy state of mind to be one with the universe. If we emit our low vibrations, we get low vibrational things because the Universe can’t reach us.  Think positively and you get positive.

Your thoughts become your reality, this is why we are able to manifest.  

Our minds are like an antenna to a television, and our bodies are the television.  Our thoughts tell our body what to produce, literally. When you meditate, you put your mind and body in a relaxed state.  And it is during this time that you can focus on what you want exactly, and make it happen. When you are in deep meditation, you should attach an emotion to all of your wants and desires.  Your brain will no longer know whether what you are picturing is happening in real life or in the dream state. The emotion you attach to your thought it makes it a more real experience for your brain.   So, it has no choice but to believe it is really happening and the universe will respond by helping it come to life in reality.

This is what you should do to manifest:  During meditation, after you have gotten deep enough into meditation and are relaxed.  Picture in your mind all the things you want in your life. Maybe you want a different job, or more money, or a new house.  Picture it all, with as much detail as possible. Everytime you think of each thing you want to happen in your life, attach an emotion to it.  If you want to have your dream career, when you envision it, attach a feeling to it such as success, or joy. If you want to meet your soul mate, you may feel in love when it happens, so when you envision it, feel the love at that very moment.  You should feel the emotion in your physical body, and in your soul as you think about it.

After meditation, you should continue to think about your visions, attaching the emotion to it in the moment.  Do this daily, randomly and the universe respond to you and help you make it come true.


Do you have an experience of manifestation through meditation?  Let everyone know below in the comments!

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