How to Make Affirmations Work for You

Affirmations are popular today. The word has gotten out about positivity and being kind to yourself.  And this is a good thing, because now, more people are aware of how they treat and talk to themselves. They know now, what a big, powerful tool it is.  Many people, however, say daily affirmations but see no change in their lives. And this is due to: not performing the affirmations correctly.

Understand that your brain is like a satellite tower. It sends signals to your body and your emotions.  Whatever you are allowing in your mind, will affect your body and emotions.

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If you have low self esteem and are critical yourself in your mind and heart, no affirmation will work for you.  Because the truth is, you have low self esteem and you can feel it in your heart. One cannot just say an affirmation, and expect there to be a change.   Affirmations in this case are like putting a bandaid on a deep wound, it’s pointless. A deep wound requires more to heal, and your affirmations require more effort to work.

If you are telling yourself with your lips “You are kind, successful” but your mind is not sending that message to your body, it is pointless.  You have to make a conscious effort to change how you truly see yourself first. Only when you change how you think and feel about yourself, will the affirmation work.

When you say your affirmation to yourself, you should feel it in you whole body.  If you can get a sense of what the affirmation feels like, attempt to feel that. For example:  Your affirmation is “You are beautiful”, close your eyes and picture yourself standing there. Gather up feelings of flattery for reminding yourself of how beautiful you are.  Gather up feelings of confidence and arrogance, because you know how beautiful you are. Get lost in the moment, admiring yourself and praising your beauty. Focus on some details: “Your legs have a nice shape to them”. And imagine many people in awe of your beauty.

Another example: Your affirmation is, “You are successful in all you do”.  Think of one thing that would have to happen in your life for you to feel successful.  Is it being the Boss at your current place of employment? Is it getting a raise? Or starting your own business?  Think of whatever that goal is, and gather up feelings of being successful with it, as you think about the affirmation.  Imagine yourself succeeding, being the Boss, or getting the raise. Feel the power in your being. Feel the confidence, and imagine yourself with lots of money or admiration from people. Be successful in your mind and feel it in your body.  

Doing affirmations this way requires more effort on your part.  It may feel awkward at first, but even small efforts will go a long way.  If you can feel different about yourself for even two seconds, this will help change your entire being.  Eventually, the amount of time you truly think highly of yourself will grow. And when you say the affirmation you will believe it with every fiber in your being.  Then you will see the affirmation working for your good in your life. I hope this has helped you my friends. Continue saying your affirmations, daily, and with passion.  Mean what you say to yourself and be the change you hope to get.

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