How to do Chakra Healing

Meditation is a great tool to help us heal and relax ourselves. But if you add in some focus on your chakras, your entire energy field will be balanced and healed. This post is to help those who are not sure they are doing this correctly. But before I get into this meditation, I will show you this picture of your 7 chakras in your body. It is right below this paragraph. Each colored circle in the picture represents a chakra. one represents and area in your body, and there are also health problems associated with each one as well. It is believed that if a chakra is imbalanced or blocked, you will have those associated health problems. So this meditation will benefit you greatly.

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With this meditation we will use visualization. The visualization will be of yourself, sitting or lying where you are. You can use an outside perspective of yourself. Or you can visualize yourself from your own perspective. With this visualization you will look at given areas of your body from your own eyes. Imagine looking at your forehead-or what your forehead would look like from where you are. You would only look up, right? When you focus on your first, root chakra, you will be looking down at yourself.

When you are ready to do chakra-focused mediation, do this: Breathe naturally for a few minutes. Relax and then start. Start from the top 7th chakra and go down to the 1st chakra. The top chakra is the crown chakra. With your eyes closed imagine looking at yourself from either of the views I suggested earlier. It can be from an outside view of your crown chakra or your own view of it. Just visualize the top of your head. Inside of your head is your brain. Think of all of this as you see it. Imagine light glowing at the top of your head. The whole top of your head is glowing with light purple or white light. Give your crown chakra love and attention, relax as you do this. It will feel awkward, like you are not doing it right. This is a new action for your mind so don’t worry, just keep trying to focus and keep going. If you can only focus on your crown chakra for a few second that is fine. Move on to the next.

Focus on the 6th chakra, the deep purple Third eye chakra. It is right between your eyebrows. Visualize it, and imagine it glowing with indigo light. Focus on it for as long as you can. Give it love. When you give your chakras your focus, you give it energy to heal and balance, this is what the purpose of this meditation is. Try to focus as long as you can. I find when I imagine the details of the area, I am able to focus on the area longer. In your third eye area you have your brain and eyes, imagine those sitting all within you. Don’t forget to relax and love yourself as you do this.

When you are done with third eye chakra, move onto the 5th Throat chakra. It is blue so imagine a blue light glowing in your entire throat area. Imagine what your esophagus looks like, or thyroid. Focus on the back of your neck area too, as it is part of the throat chakra. Tell it to heal and balance. Keep your focus. You may find your mind wants to wander away from what you are trying to focus on and this is normal too. This is new to you so keeping focus may be difficult. This is ok, just bring your focus back to healing your chakras.

Then move onto the heart chakra. Imagine a green light glowing on your chest and heart area. Love yourself and give your heart your energy. Feel your heart beating in your chest. Imagine the front and back of your chest glowing, full of light. And keep the focus here for as long as you can. Again, it may feel like you are doing it wrong or like you can’t quite focus on it. This is normal. Keep going.

Then move your focus down to your 4th Solar plexus chakra. It is yellow, and right under your rib cage, in the middle of your stomach. Feel your breath moving the area as you breathe in and out. Imagine your stomach glowing. Focus for a little while, as long as you can and then move on.

Move your focus lower to the 3rd Sacral chakra. This one is orange. It is located right under your belly button, and the area around it. Feel your lower abdomen moving as you breathe. Love yourself and allow your sacral chakra to heal. Imagine your body inside, front and back.

Then move to the last, but 1st root chakra. It is red so imagine a red light glowing in your lower region. It is right under your bottom and located in your groin area in front. So imagine the entire area, body parts included, glowing with red light. Keep your focus for as long as you can. If you feel and tingling or crawling sensation up your spine, this is a good sign that you have done this correctly. And the crawling sensations are energy moving up and down your spine.

When you have gotten through all of this, feel free to go back and focus more on problem areas. Problem areas can be felt if you focus on how your body feels. If you focused on any area and you had a hard time visualizing it, or it felt tense, and tight in the area. These are signs you have some blockage or imbalance. You can go back to those areas and do more healing by giving it energy and attention.

I hope I have brought understanding to you and your chakras. I hope you are able to heal yourself by healing your chakras. Let me know how it went when you did it

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