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How I lost 8 Pounds in one Week!

I started last week weighing 167 pounds.  But I decided to go vegan for a week.  Meaning no meat, dairy, or eggs.  To simplify it, I was to eat nothing that came from an animal.

My whole childhood and adulthood until last week, were filled with meat.  I would eat meat for three square meals a day. And as I have been growing spiritually these last few months, I have become more aware of all living things on this earth.  The beautiful trees, the warming sun, and all of the animals. The cows, horses, chickens, pigs, and fish have it the worst of all the animals. Because they are slaughtered daily to feed the billions of people on earth.  Ninety five percent of all the meat consumed by people come from meat factories, also known as Confined Feeding Animal Operation factories (CAFO). These factories do not treat the animals kindly. All the animals are packed tightly into these factories because the more they can store and grow, the more money the can make in the end. The air and ground areas of Confined Feeding Animal Operation Factories, are more polluted that the most polluted cities.  Think about that for a second. One animal factory and the land it is on, is worse than a big, polluted, metro city.

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These factories grow their own corn and soy to feed all the animals.  So they use a ton of fertilizer, and pesticides. The animals eat the fertilizer and pesticide in their food and excrete it.  The harmful chemicals are all around these factories in high amounts. So in order to reduce killing innocent, intelligent animals, and to reduce pollution were my main reasons for going vegan.

After one week of no meat, eggs, or dairy, I lost 8 pounds and I wasn’t even trying to.   And the meals I made still tasted wonderful! I will proudly take the weight loss from going vegan, it is just an added bonus! And I feel more energized throughout the day too.

My food options for eating vegan were lots of fruits, veggies, and fiber.  I ate quinoa, fruits, oatmeal, vegetables, and healthy oils like butter and vinaigrette dressing. I have to admit that I had previously tried to go vegan before but was unsuccessful.  My family loves their meat and so when I would try to rush and make dinner at the end of the day I would cook whatever I knew how to make, and what I could make quickly. I would always go to a meat recipe because that is what I knew.  Then because I did not have suitable snacks ready for me, I would run to what I had in my pantry when the snack cravings hit. So, if you are like me and your family also loves meat, prepping before hand is the key to success. There is no reason that everyone in the family can’t all be happy and fed.

Find time to cook meals beforehand so you are more careful with your recipe choices.  And make meals that you are able to take out meat or put in meat easily. These are some meals that I made for my family and I:  

  • Meat and cheese lasagna, with one section only layers of vegetables.  I used mushrooms and spinach. (Really pack in the spinach because it shrinks as it cooks).  
  • Chicken and rice jambalaya, I took out the chicken for my servings.
  • Black bean tacos for me, beef tacos for them.
  • Black bean enchiladas
  • Curried chicken, potatoes, and garbanzo beans. I took out the chicken for my serving.
  • Snacks I kept on hand were: Fruit, sun maid apricots, raisins, peanuts and pecans.


I tried eating vegan for a week and I am not going back to eating meat.  The benefits far outweigh any desire to eat meat again.  And it feels good knowing that I am doing my part for the earth and the animals. Did you try being vegan for any length of time?  What were some problems you faced? And are you still vegan? Leave a comment below!

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