Celebrate Being a Woman!

Women, we have come a long way.  We used to be confined to the home and kitchen areas.  Now we work and make careers for ourselves.  Women before all of us today, have fought for us, to give us a say in society.  And I am ever so thankful to them.  Those brave women, stood firm and strong in their power.  They spoke up and acted to make a change.   Women are multifaceted, complex beings.  We are full of love, emotion, intelligence, and creativity. See, womanhood is a power that we all hold. There is nothing that we can’t do.  But many women just can’t see the power they hold within themselves.

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Women are emotional beings.  We grow up, being led to believe that having and feeling our emotions is a problem.  ‘You are so emotional!’, ‘Stop crying!’, ‘You’re emotional, are you PMS-ing?’.  We have all heard those phrases before, haven’t we?  Because our emotions run deep, and we are in touch with them.  We feel things deeply and many times, react from it alone.  So many times, other people don’t understand where our reactions are coming from.  But it is this, tuning into our emotions that gives us the ability to know our intuition.  Our intuition enables us to pick up on nonverbal cues, voice tones, facial movements, and body language to come up with hidden meanings.  Sometimes, we just have ‘that feeling’ in our stomach, and it lets us know something else is going on, or in which direction to go.  People would have us believe that our intuition is make believe, or fake;  Something which cannot be relied upon.  But in studies performed, it was  found that intuitive decisions are just as accurate as logical decisions.  And long after the decision was made, people were happier when they made an intuitive decision over a logical one.  So the results tell us that intuition can be depended on to help us make good decisions.  And women use their intuition often.  But it isn’t all that we have to rely on during decision making.  We use logic too, given the situation to do so.  Because we are both grounded and emotional.  We can use logic when we see fit and tap into our intuition when we need to.  We hold both methods within all of our perspectives.  And because of this, we are well rounded and balanced.  We look deeper into situations than just the surface and change our perspectives accordingly.

When we get in tune and feel our emotions, this activates the right side of the brain. And the right side of the brain is also responsible for our creativity.  Creativity and emotions are closely linked because of this. When one is feeling emotions, creativity will be sparked.  Or when one is trying to spark creativity, emotions will be used during the process.  This enables women to have a never ending supply of creativity.  And women have been creators of all kinds of art in history, and even today.

However, even though being emotional is a good thing, it has been labeled a bad thing because society believes this.  Men are seen as more intelligent because they are more logical and less emotional.  And women are seen as less intelligent, but we are very intelligent.  More and more women today are getting a College degree and participating in politics because we can do it.  We are able to use our minds and use intelligence just like men do.  But women have something more than men.  Women can see things from many different angles because of our emotional depth.  And part of intelligence is being able to see things from many different angles at once.  We are empathetic, meaning we can put ourselves in other people’s shoes and get an idea of what they are feeling.  This ability gives us an edge in life and business.  Because we combine our emotion, logic, and empathy when it comes to dealing with others and making important decisions.

Being a multifaceted, complex being, enables women to be independent. We know what we have to do and we get it done.  We don’t wait for someone to tell us.  We take responsibility for our lives and our families.  Over our life time’s we have come to understand that people will fail you.  But we don’t feel sad about it.  No, we take that knowledge and make ourselves better.  We do the most we can ourselves, and never complain about it.  But even though we are independent, we don’t shut down and shut people out.  No, we are social beings who thrive when we have community and friendships. We socialize to form strong, close bonds with others   because nothing great can be achieved alone.  We need help from others, even if it is just to have someone to vent to, a shoulder to cry on.  Having people to care for us is vital, for our mental health and well being and we know this.

Having a small community of friendship and fellowship is necessary for women because we are nurturers at heart.  Our  bodies carry and nourish babies for nine months.  Then we give birth through painful labor.  And even when the baby is out of our wombs, we provide the milk to nourish their little bodies.  We provide them with love and care, but are also firm when we need to be. Our bodies endure so much to give life and nurture it.  But we can do it all in stride because we are strong. Strong enough to handle the responsibility of raising our kids and juggle all of our other responsibilities.

With all of our natural essence, we walk right in between the spiritual, unseen world and the 3d world we live in.  Balancing and connecting the energies of the masculine and feminine within and of the earth.  Then acting as a conduit for the energy of the earth and mankind.  We  love and tame the wild hearts of men.  Then birth, love, and raise children.  Women work, take care of the household duties, raise kids, tend to their husbands, and still finds time to be social with her friends.

Women are the givers of life.  We are the glue that holds families together.  We are creators and healers.  We are the peacemakers.   Women can do it all and have it all because we embody everything.  So celebrate being a woman today, because you are one amazing being.



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