An Alternative Suggestion of God

I grew up going to church with my mother.  Every Sunday we would go, and I took that religion as an adult with a family of my own.  We went religiously, and did the best we could to walk the straight path. But being a christian was exhausting for me. I felt guilty everyday about my downfalls, or ‘sin’.  Everyday I would repent, only to perform the same sin as before: Cursing, getting very angry, gossiping.  I finally got tired of it and decided I didn’t want to live the rest of my life feeling guilty, or ‘condemned’.  I didn’t want to spend the rest of my days saying sorry, or ‘repenting’ neither. These feelings catapulted me on a spiritual journey, searching for, and needing the truth.

I began to think that maybe there are no Gods or Demons, but people who emulate their spirit here on earth. People, including myself can be good or evil.  When people choose to do evil, they do so much damage to the world. It is the boy who goes into his high school and shoots to kill innocent people. It is the Syrian President who tortures his own people, and the man who rapes a newborn baby. The evil one’s make living here hell on earth, literally.  It doesn’t get any more ugly and evil than killing and raping innocent people. If one chooses to do good, however, they show love to everyone, healing the world slowly.

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In the Christian religion it is believed that your thoughts and actions are either from  God or Satan. If you sin and fall into temptation by Satan, then we must repent and try to do better.  But if we pray to ask for help in fighting temptation, it is we, ourselves who has to do the fighting and resisting.  No one, but us individuals can make ourselves do something. We control ourselves and our minds to make things happen.  We control the praying and we control the decision to sin again. So religious people believe that God can help you do anything, or satan can make you do things.  But in reality, it is only us, the human who can choose to do something, not God. Through religion though, we find solace for our hard lives and it brings comfort, and this makes religion sought after.  It doesn’t matter how weird the religion is, people will blindly cling to it and follow it to comfort themselves. And a bonus: people follow blindly to show how strong their faith is, they ask no questions.  

And usually, in each religion they fully believe that their God is the one and true God.  But throughout the history there have been so many different Gods that it is difficult to determine which one is correct.   Since way before Jesus walked the earth, there were people on earth, trying to make sense of themselves and the world around them.  The Axial period was from 1600-600 bce, and people had their own beliefs even then. A group of people called the Aryans were the earliest community to have Gods.   They had several different Gods and at different time periods. Varuna was God of order of the universe; Mazda was their main God and he was lord of justice; Mithra was god of storm, thunder, and life giving rain;  Agni was god of fire that burned on earth. Then later on they developed Indra, the dragon slayer who rode on the clouds. Indra was God of the bad intentional people in their communities. Their own people suddenly began stealing their cattle and belongings, and hurting people.  The Aryan people could not make sense of it, so they figured there was a warrior God who was influencing these people. The warrior God just wanted to make war and fight. And the people who were said to be following Indra were proud to be his followers, they continued on their rampages with pride.

Then later during the Egyptian Dynastic Era, the Egyptians also had their own different Gods.  The Egyptian era was from 3100 bce to 30 bce, and they had over 2,000 Gods during that time. Israel, the country starring in the Bible  wasn’t even heard about until around 1100-1200 bce. And the main characters from the bible like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and David had different Gods they worshipped at first.  At one point in history they worshipped El. Later on they worshipped Yahweh. Over time they merged both of these Gods into one God. The point is, human beings have always questioned their existence and desired help throughout this hard life.  We create Gods and religion to help us get through it, but it isn’t real.

When people pray, they ask for things, and sometimes it happens for them;  their prayers get answered. This further enhances the belief that God answers prayers.  But there have been thousands of Gods throughout history. Have you ever noticed that when you think positively, good things happen?  And when you think negative things, bad things happen? It’s true! This is because the laws of attraction that coincide with the laws of the universe.  It can also explain why some prayers are answered. Our beliefs become our realities, no matter what the subject matter is. Darryl Anka, a spiritual medium said “The energy you give off based on your beliefs… your emotions… your behavior… the vibrational frequency you give off is what determines the kind of reality experience you have… because physical reality doesn’t exist except as a reflection of what you most strongly believe is true for you. That is all that physical reality is. It is literally like a mirror.”  I have found through experience that this is true. If I only think negative thoughts about my present or future then, only bad things will happen. However if I think of good, positive things then good things happen. Our minds are very powerful. They have energy and are in tune with the universe energy. It can help or hurt our own lives. Once I realised that I control my life, I felt empowered, confident, and at peace like never before.

I believe when people believe in their Gods, they are really believing in energy, unbeknownst to them.  It is the life force that keep balance, that helps us when we are open to it. Every living thing on earth emits energy.  The trees have energy, the mammals with four legs have energy, and we have energy. Every source of energy vibrates and causes reactions with the other sources of energy.  This can cause a positive reaction or a negative reaction. But these reactions are the reason anything happens at all. We all send and receive vibrations and this is the essence of life.  We don’t need more Gods or religion, it only divides us further. We need to let go of religion and accept that we are in charge of our own lives. We only need each other to make this life a beautiful one.  If we can accept this concept, the world will change; there will be a shift in consciousness and it will be our benefit. I have come to grips with not having religion and Jesus anymore. But since then I have grown so much.  I feel empowered, like I can do anything. I control my life and how it goes. And I am also more accepting of people who have different beliefs than my own. Before, as a Christian, I flocked to other christians, as in any other religion.  Now, I am open to others more freely, it doesn’t matter what they believe. Because we are all on this earth trying to make it through any way we have to. I know religion is all fear based and it’s ok. I don’t fear anything now because I know the truth.


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  • Adriana

    Wow Mari this is so awesome I used to believe that I was the one off on one beat. I watched the Secret a few years back and that started my quest to understand why I was and felt so different. Along my journey and all the reading I have done I believe that we make our universe what we want what we think and to quote one of those authors what you think about you bring about so if you’re always talking negative and not believing that you’re worthy that’s what you’re going to get and if you pay attention a lot of the religious leaders believe this way what you think about you bring about so think good thoughts think positive thoughts believe that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to and you can accomplish it.

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