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Don’t forget your Body Frame!

I have always been heavier than other women, even if we were the same height.  And I’ve always struggled with my body perception. I have been the same height and weight ever since I was in 9th grade.  I grew fast and then stopped, later on my peers caught up to me. So I considered myself to be tall and heavy most of my childhood.  Even as an adult, I have tried to lose weight to be considered normal. According to the height and weight chart for women, I am supposed to weigh between 125 and 140 pounds.  But I have always floated around 150, even when I diet and cut my calories. It has been a frustrating journey but then I noticed that my body has been the same since high school.  It hasn’t changed much. This led me to think that perhaps, my body is exactly where it needs to be. Maybe this is MY normal weight. And if it is, then I’m happy with it. I began to look at other women’s bodies, and I found that our body bone structure is different, some bigger than others.  Some women my height are real thin and light. Some are heavier than me. I wondered if maybe the term ‘big-boned’ was true and began doing research.

I found out that my suspicions were true.  Some bodies have heavy bones and some have light bones.  This would matter if you are trying to lose weight and determining your ideal weight.  Your weight might not be the same as someone else’s. So there are small, medium, and large framed bodies.  You can find your frame by measuring your wrist size.

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If you are under 5’.2” and wrist size is less than 5.5”, then your frame is small.  If you are less than 5’2” and wrist size is 5.5” to 5.75” your body frame is medium.  If you are less than 5’2” and your wrist is more than 5.75” then you have a large frame.  

If your height measures 5’2” to 5’5” and your wrist is less than 6” then your frame is small.  If your wrist is 6 to 6.25” then your frame is medium. Wrist is more than 6.25” your frame is large.  Now if your height is bigger than 5’5” and your wrist is less than 6.25” then your frame is small. Your wrist is 6.25” to 6.5” then your frame is medium.  And if your wrist is bigger than 6.5” then your frame is large.

There are a couple of wrist size charts around the internet, so search for it. But using this, determine your body frame size and find your weight according to that.

Once you know your frame size, look for a weight chart that is based on your frame size.  This will give you your ideal weight based on body frame size. That is your perfect, healthy, weight.  Don’t be discouraged anymore if you are heavier, your frame may be to blame. But it is nothing you can change, so embrace it.  So now that you know your new ideal weight, rest easy and relax. Get to a healthy, unique you.

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