About the Author

My name is Maricella, I am happily married with two boys.  I enjoy reading, writing, meditating, working out, and spending time with loved ones.  I have always felt different, like I didn’t quite fit in.  As a child I didn’t have many friends, and was quiet.  An observer, I would watch everyone and feel the vibes.  Of course I couldn’t make sense of everything I felt back then.  But now as I look back all the signs were there.  I am a spiritually gifted, highly sensitive, empath.  My passions are astrology and spirituality. 

I started my spiritual journey as a kid when I accidentally activated my pineal gland, it was quite an experience.  I also accidentally saw auras, but I didn’t know what I was doing back then.  I simply enjoyed the experiences I had.  Up until now, I have had a couple of awakenings, or remembrances of who I am.  It was dark, and painful, and exhilarating, but it has all lead me here.  The transformations I went through helped me shed what wasn’t needed within myself and helped me find my real soul-self.  I hope to help you with your soul awakening and journey.   I feel people have all the answers they need right within themselves if they would only take a look.  The life you want is in your grasp if you would drop all the baggage of emotions, and self doubt.  And I believe meditation can help you do just that and so much more.

This blog will merge real, practical life, with spirituality and astrology.