11/11/11: My 11/11 Journey and Guidance for Yours

Seeing 11:11

There is a phenomena when one begins seeing 11:11 everywhere.  And it is believed to be a significant sign in one’s life. 11 is one of three master numbers (11,22,33) and it is the number of knowledge and intuition.  Angels, God, or the Universe (Whichever you call it) use numbers to communicate with us here in the 3rd dimension. The 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit; between darkness and light; ignorance and enlightenment. This is the ultimate symbolic power of the 11.  Seeing 11:11 is a message from your higher power, nudging you to wake up and do your life differently than before. It is a loving message, letting you know that you are being guided and protected on this journey and that you are on the right path. One needs to pay close attention to their thoughts when they see 11:11, because the higher power is trying to tell you something about that exact thing. Today is 11/11/11(2+0+1+8=11) it is the day that the veil between the 3d earth dimension and the spiritual realm is the thinnest.  You might begin to delve deep within yourself to explore areas of healing. And things can get dark here, but it is so necessary if we want to reach our full potential.

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My 11:11 Journey

It all started in the Summer of 2016.  I came across a book by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan.  It is called ‘The Laws of Thinking: 20 secrets to using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity’.  In this book, Bernard lays out a guideline to help you manifest prosperity. And reading this book changed my whole life and way of thinking.  I felt so inspired and motivated to become more in my lifetime. But the trouble was, what gifts did I have? And what did I want to really do with my life?  This book opened up these two major questions within my mind. And I was determined to live a purposeful life. As I began to brainstorm about what I could possibly offer the world, I came up with an answer.  I would become a writer, and inspire, people. My passion in life, was my Christian faith. So I would write to help guide and inspire my fellow Christians.

In March this year, 2018, I achieved one goal of mine.  I started my christian faith blog and called it  I was so inspired by my own faith in Jesus and the Bible and I had plenty to say to the world about it.  But as I began posting up blog posts on my blog, I began to really think about my faith. I realised that I had so many questions about it.  Christianity and the Bible can be confusing, because there are contradictory statements and beliefs within it. And I think my new confidence in myself made me bold.  I was not scared to be honest with myself. I knew deep down I had always had some doubts about my faith. But in Christianity, it is considered unfaithful to doubt and question God.  My love, loyalty, and devotion to him prevented me from facing any questions and doubts I had because I just wanted to please God.

Because I had spent so much of my life and time devoted to the Christian religion, I set out on a journey through research to solidify my belief in my religion and Jesus.  I had questions and I was going to find answers to rid myself of any doubts once and for all. So I began doing my own research. Around this time I started seeing the same numbers over and over, everywhere.  I saw 11:11 on my laptop, phone, license plates, buildings. It was strange that I kept seeing this. So I began doing research about this phenomena. Seeing 11:11 everywhere was confirmation fro me that I was on the right path and doing the right thing with my research.  

Even though my research was started to help build my own faith, the opposite happened.  The information swayed my Christian faith. The best, most helpful book I read was The Great Transformation:  The Beginning of our Religious Traditions by Karen Armstrong. She goes way back into history to explain how religion was formed and why.  And then goes into how it has transformed since the beginning of it. It talked about the many Gods that were made by societies. Each God served a different purpose for people, but people made them.  And they made them to help ease their worries and fears. It brought comfort to put their lives in a majestic, unseen, being who had their best interest at heart. And this new found knowledge made me very sad.  I knew that my faith in God and Jesus was fake. It was made up based on fear. And I thought back to my childhood, and going to church with my Mom. I spent so much of my childhood, guilty and afraid. I was afraid that I upset God, afraid that I wasn’t doing enough, scared that I sinned for liking boys and cursing. Even as an adult, I lived in fear, feeling inferior.  Now, that I knew the truth I was angry and I felt foolish. My whole life was based on a lie. I wasted so much time believing in God and Jesus. But I knew what I had to do to fix it all now. I let go of religion and God and Jesus and I was deeply depressed. Losing my Christian faith was like losing a friend I had since my childhood. I mourned Jesus like you would mourn a close friend.  I did not know how I would live life without his love and support. He had been there for everything in my life, and it felt good to just leave all my problems in his hands. But on the third day, I was over my anger and sadness. I cut my losses and moved forward on my own, with no safety net of God. I had a new found confidence within myself. I reflected back on my life, and knew that ‘God’ wasn’t the one orchestrating my life.  He was never real, and never was there. This meant that my life was successful or unsuccessful because of me.

After I let go of religion,  I read a book by ‘joe Dispenza called Becoming Supernatural.  And in his book he explains how everyone can heal themselves without medications, simply by changing our thoughts and beginning a meditation practice in our daily lives.  He explains that everything is energy, including our own thoughts. And that our thoughts can change our bodily functions and chemistry. We get sick because of emotional traumas we have endured and ones that we hold onto.  He had healed many clients who used his method of meditation. So I began to meditate daily and I was even able to fully heal myself of some illnesses I had. When I began to meditate daily, I began to wake up to who I really was.  I finally saw everything in my life crystal clear. I saw society crystal clear. Seeing 11:11 continued to push me to go in the direction I was going. I woke up to the reality of our society and world we live in. And I didn’t like what I saw.  

I have made my life’s purpose to heal the world through communication.  I am an aspiring writer now and I hope to inspire, heal, and change people.

Your 11:11 Journey

But I want to tell you about your own journey.  If you are seeing 11:11 everywhere or even seeing 11.  This is your time to wake up, and remember who you are.  Chances are you have been here on earth before, many times before.  It is time for you to begin making changes to yourself and your life.  And the Universe is ready to help you through it. We are in the age of Aquarius, in astrology.  All the planets, including earth move around in space. And Earth has retrograded back into Aquarius now from being in Pisces previously.  Earth will be in the age of Aquarius for 2,000 years approximately. Aquarius is the sign of independence, humanity. They challenge authority and tear down existing structures.  The are creative, rebellious, visionaries. They like to gather information and achieve things with groups of people. We can expect for many people to begin questioning the rules and ways of society at large.  People will begin to wake up from the dream-like reality we are living in. They will feel an urge to escape the Matrix.

Human beings are more than just skin and bones and you probably know this, maybe just subconsciously.  We are soul too, and the soul needs to do more with itself than just live this meaningless life here on Earth.  It has been thought that our souls make agreements before they come back to earth to reincarnate. And these agreements were to transform into the highest self.  Some agreed to help heal the world. Some agreed to love the world. Whatever that agreement was, you now have to kick things into gear and begin living out your soul’s purpose.  You will need to do some soul searching, maybe some research too. But I would also encourage you to meditate. I mention meditation a lot on my blogs but there is a reason. We human beings are so preoccupied with ourselves.  We do everything we can to avoid looking at ourselves. And we act as if our goal in life is to entertain ourselves and collect material possessions. But this is not all there is to life. The soul wants to learn, grow, and love.  It wants to transcend and transform. Meditation will allow you to give some time to get to know yourself and the universe we live in. We have to heal our brokenness from our past. And it is after healing that we will fully understand this life and ourselves.  We will be better able to carry out our missions in this lifetime.

The Universe, your Angels are asking you to wake up and begin your soul journey to get in the right state to carry out it’s divine purpose.  Enjoy the ride of life you are on during your 11:11 journey.  And take solace because Universe is guiding you, and will support you in all you do.  

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