September New moon Metamorphosis

The new moon occurs on September 9th 2018.  And this new, moon is going to be extremely wonderful and beneficial to your success! The moon will go into Virgo on this day.  The Sun and Moon will be conjunct at 17 degrees. In numerology, 17 equals 8, which is the number of power, money, and balance. Virgo is all about improvement, being efficient, healing, and fixing.  This is going to ground you and support you. It will help you find solutions to problems and get rid of any clutter in your life, physically, mentally, and spiritually speaking. You will be powerful as long as you are willing to put in work to obtain what you want.  The best thing about this new moon is that the other planets are going to fully support it right now.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and creativity and it will be in scorpio.  Scorpio is intense and seeks the deep truths in everything. So the Venus in Scorpio will enable you to get to the bottom of things and understand truths about yourself, your job, and relationships.  This will be uncomfortable for some, but it will only bring you to realizations so you can make changes for improvement. Across from Venus, in opposition, will be Uranus in Taurus. This aspect will make you look at money differently, specifically what others have taught you about money.  This will make you question your current relationship with money and will motivate you to find your own truth in this matter. You may begin to look at different ways to make money for yourself, or just may learn to perceive money differently than you did before. All in all, Uranus will break up beliefs you once held to be true, and help you make your own beliefs from your own perspective.

Mercury, the planet of communication will be in virgo and virgo will make you ask question and gather information.  Virgo loves getting information and this occurrence here will keep you thinking. If your career involves using intuition such as being a Doctor, healer,or psychic this is a good time to build on your abilities to sense hidden things.  

This new moon will make you nostalgic and restless as well.  Because Chiron will be in Aries, and you may have regrets about all the past times you had a chance to do things on our own or to your fullest ability.  And you may feel like you missed out, but this is not so. This new moon will give you a new perspective which could help you make new opportunities for yourself that you feel you missed out on, in your past.  

Jupiter the planet of luck will be in Scorpio and their degree is 18, in numerology that equals to 9, which is the number of spirituality and completion.  You have changed and endured so much these past few months. Jupiter will remind you of your strength. And will all the wisdom you gained, you will apply to your life and discern truths from lies. Meditation and tapping into your spirituality is going to help you get through this successfully.  Jupiter will also from a sextile with the sun and moon, which helps you continue to transform and release any fears you may have had.

Pluto, the planet of the internal self also forms a trine with the sun and moon at 18 degrees in Capricorn.  Pluto is the planet of evolution and this trine sets up perfectly to bring together all the changes you’ve made within yourself, blending the masculine and feminine.  Your life will become more stable because of the fusion of this new and true, you. And Jupiter will sextile Pluto to further enhance your grounded feelings. There will be an earth trine as well, with Mercury in virgo, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Capricorn.  In this, your resources and decisions match up finally. Saturn in Capricorn, will force you to reflect on your relationship with your work. Is it a good relationship or bad? Are you happy with it? And what can you do, to make it better? Build upon what you learn on this day, because a lot of insight will help you make clear choices. You will understand yourself and your worth to make changes to make benefits. Your relationship with money pertaining to work, will be improved.

Pluto in capricorn is at 18 degrees, this is another spirituality and completion number, number 9.  This will help you to further complete your recent transformations as well. Leo will oppose the north node, and this is great for people who want a career in communication or the spotlight.  This day’s energy will enable you to tap into what you really want and make you brave to get it done. But make sure you are doing it with love, or else it will not last. Mars is the planet of action and Capricorn is the hard worker in the zodiac. Mars in Capricorn will force you to work to get recognition.  And Mars in Capricorn is at 29 degrees,numerology this is number 11 the master number of service. Again, make sure what you are doing is coming from a good source within yourself. Neptune and Chiron will be 15 degrees apart. Today will be a good day to heal past wounds or plan for your future.

Pay attention to your dreams over the weekend leading up to Sunday, the 9th.  You may gain some insight that you need to help you get through this change.  And as always, with new or full moons, set your intentions of goals out into the universe to begin manifesting it during this time.  The new moons carry heavy influence on the energies surrounding you. So over all this is a good time to listen to yourself, your intuition, and spirit guiding you.  You can get great influence on your career and way of making money. You will feel empowered and you should.  You are practically a totally new person and the universe is making sure you are complete and are able to integrate the new you smoothly into your physical life.  This time is one of great transformations within and in your real life, embrace it and enjoy the ride.

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