Beginning of September Energy

This past summer was one to go down in history.  We had several planets go into retrograde. We had eclipses, solstices, a blood moon, new moons, and full moons.  All these shifts caused us to go within and do some retrospection. The time was one for pausing and doing reflection and retrospection.  I barely got anything done, and things got messy, I’m sure you felt it too.

But, wonderful Mars went direct in capricorn On August 26th.  Capricorn is hard working, practical, preservering. Mars is the planet of action, together they are going to make you get things done finally.  Hopefully you enjoyed the summer time for not getting things done, because you will now. The sun is also in virgo now, and virgo is responsible, dedicated, and studious.  She looks at the small things that need to get done in order for the whole picture to be done to perfection.  This is going to touch all areas of your life.

The energy that September is bringing, is one of forward movement, but also some reflection on the past.  You have done a lot of healing, fixing, and growing these past few months. And you may question your changes. This is the Universe just asking “Are you sure you want it this way?”  This is more time for you to reflect and fine tune what you want out of life.

This time can cause you to want to revert to old habits, old thinking patterns.  I am feeling it as well and you may be too. Think about the things that are coming up in your life again.  Try to get to the bottom of the problem, ask yourself why this is coming up again? What needs to be healed before I can move on?  This is also a time to reflect on if you want this habit, idea to be gone for good. The energy September brings is also going to make you question people’s agendas in your life.  Perhaps you have friends who act some-timey with you. You will now be contemplating their loyalty and whether or not you want to keep them in your life. Clean up everything you need to now, that way when time comes to kick your action in business you are ready with all the small details taken care of.  Stay grounded my friends. Don’t allow this energy to take over you and your life. It can sweep you up and take you backward instead of forward if you aren’t careful. Keep in mind what you want from life and keep moving toward that goal.

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